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Suggested Itineraries

[Seoul in 48 hours] The perfect two-days wheelchair-friendly itinerary (DAY 2)

Course Explanation

Seoul Two-Days and One-Night Trip Course Cover. An In-Depth Trip to Experience Various Aspects of Seoul. Course order: (DAY 2) Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) → Phopular → The Piola Flower → Seoul Forest → SEAONE


This article is to follow [Seoul in 48 hours] The perfect two-days wheelchair-friendly itinerary (DAY 2). Click here to read the previous article.


                                                                                                       Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

First photo: Exterior view of Dongdaemun Design Plaza and the tall buildings from a high place  Second photo: Dongdaemun Design Plaza seen behind a giant bronze human sculpture of Kim Won Young, a sculptor who carved the statue of Sejong the Great in Gwanghwamun  Third photo: A person walking down the stairs between the humongous Dongdaemun Design Plaza buildings

After recharging your fatigue in a comfortable hotel,it is time to travel back to Seoul again. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) , built on thesite of the former Dongdaemun Stadium, is one of the representative touristattractions that quickly emerged as one of Seoul's landmarks as soon as itopened in 2014 due to its unique appearance. The building is a posthumous workof world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid and is loved as a photo zone. DongdaemunDesign Plaza, a complex cultural space operated by the Seoul Design Foundation,offers a glimpse of the current status of various design trends to match thesymbolism of the building. It is a "hot spot" where cultural andartistic events such as fashion shows, design exhibitions, and forums are heldin Seoul. 

             First photo: D-Forest at Dongdaemun Design Plaza with an impressive nature-friendly design  Second photo: A photo DDP as the background taken at a fashion exhibition  Third photo: DDP Lifestyle Platform, an open space

The interior space of Dongdaemun Design Plaza,connected as one, is divided into various areas depending on the purpose andtarget of the exhibition. Located in DDPMuseum , Korea's public design museum in Korea, there is the D-Forest , an open space where citizensparticipate in exhibitions, lectures, and performances, the Design Showroom , where you can get aglimpse of universal designs, the DDPDesign Store , where excellent products and goods are selected carefully bythe Seoul Design Foundation and DesignHall , and the Media Art Gallery ,which records and preserves the festival site of the Seoul Light Show, aworld-class media façade festival. In addition, inside the UD LifestylePlatform on the 3rd floor of the Design Lab building, works related to universaldesign are being exhibited until the end of December 2022, so it is definitelyan exhibition that can't be missed at a barrier-free tour course, right?Dongdaemun Design Plaza holds various seasonal and special exhibitions, so ifyou are interested in design, we recommend checking the website in advance andplan your route. If you have time, it would be nice to take a walk and lookaround the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park nearby.


Information on the address, website, operating hours of DDP


  281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul


Operating Hours

 10:00 - 20:00  

  Operating hour varies per space (Please refer to the homepage)

#DDPExhibition# ZahaHadidBuilding # JungguAttractions # DongdaemunDesignPlaza #SeoulDesignFoundation

                                                                                          View information on facilities



First photo: The sign board of Phopular, a specialized Hanoi styled pho restaurant     Second photo: A table of exotic local menus   Third photo: Mini Nem, a fried food

Some of you might wonder whya Vietnamese restaurant is selected for a Seoul travel guide. Vietnamese foodhas gained popularity over years, and it became famous as a hangover food amongyoung people. Phopular , located not far from theDongdaemun Design Plaza is where you can have authentic Vietnamese food inSeoul, as it’s run by a professor of culinary arts at a college of tourism inHanoi. In addition, there are local dishes which are not easy to find in mostof the Vietnamese restaurants in Korea, such as Com Thit Lon, a Vietnamesestyle rice bowl with braised pork and stir-fried water spinach. Of course, popularVietnamese dishes such as Pho Bo, rice noodle soup with beef, and Bun Bo Xao,beef noodle salad, guarantee excellent taste.


Information on the address, contact number, operating hours and menu of the Phopular


  2, Eulji-ro 44-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (2 nd floor)

For Inquiries

 (+82) 507-1322-9119

Operating Hours

 10:00 -22:00

Menu Information

 Thit, Steamed Beef Pho 9,500 won / Nem (Cha Zio) 7,000 won / Bun Bo Xao 10,000 won / Com Thit Lon 10,000 won

#MustGo Jung-guVietnameseRestaurant #MustGoPhoRestaurant #MustGoDDPRestaurant#MustGoHanoiRestaurant #MustGoBunBoXaoRestaurant



                                                                                                       The Piola Flower

First photo: View of the Piola Flower, a flower café that sells flowers   Second photo: Unique menus such as Pink Cream Latte, Flower Strawberry Ade, and Strawberry Toast, and more  Third photo: A variety of flower products, including fresh flowers, dried flowers, flower soaps, and more

The Piola Flower , near Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Dongdaemun History & Culture Parkstation, is a café with good accessibility and is often mistaken as a flowershop because of the vibrant bouquets and flowerpots outside but is a shop toenjoy tea time. Surrounded by colorful and fragrant flowers, you can enjoynumerous unique menus. In particular, seasonal beverages, yogurts, and bakeriesusing strawberries, grapefruits, lemons, yuzus, mangoes, and other sweet fruitsare gaining popularity.


Information on the address, contact number, operating hours, munu of The Piola Flower


  209, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (1 st floor, M Tower)

For Inquiries

  (+82) 02-2272-8808

Operating Hours

 Mon ~Fri 09:00-22:00 / Sat, Sun 10:00 – 21:00

Menu Information

  Black Caramel Latter 5,500 won / Piola Cube Latte 5,800 won / Flower Strawberry Ade 5,800 won / Americano 4,000 won

  #DongdaemunFlowerCafe #DDPFlowerCafe # Dongdaemun History & Culture ParkFlowerShop # Euljiro FlowerShop # JongnoFlowerShop


                                                                                                                    Seoul Forest

First photo: A wheelchair user and a friend smiling brightly in front of the Metasequoia Forest Road  Second photo: Citizens resting on a bench in the greenery  Third photo: Picnic basket and fruits arranged for a picnic in Seoul Forest

SeoulForest is well-known as a nature learning center with a long history. In thepast, it was the king's hunting ground and the first water source in Seoul.Afterward, it was reborn as Seoul Forest, one of the representative greenshelters in Seoul, after being used as areas for racetracks and golf courses.It consists of four parks, including Culture & Art Park, EducationalExperience Park, Eco-forest Park, and Riverside Park, which have uniquedistinctiveness for each section. It is loved as a photo zone thanks to thevarious trees that change throughout the season, such as the cherry tree pathsand ginkgo tree forests. 

First photo: A mother and son taking a selfie with a big smile in front of the looming azalea flowers  Second photo: A horse-riding sculpture, one of the representative sculptures of Seoul Forest  Third photo: The Mirror Pond that captures the surrounding scenery like a painting  Fourth photo: A wheelchair users and a friend taking in front of the Under Stand Avenue at the entrance of Seoul Forest

Among 40 facilities in the Seoul Forest, here are ourrecommendations in case you don't have enough time to look around all of them. Firstly,the Deer Corral at the Eco Forest iswhere you can see the sika deers, the symbol of Seoul Forest. Secondly, In the Insect Garden , built in the greenhousefacility, you can examine about 100 species of tropical plants, insects,reptiles, and amphibians, making it a popular place for children to learn aboutnature. Thirdly, the Family Yard ,which consists of open laws, is a well-known picnic spot to take a rest whileappreciating outdoor artworks nearby. Lastly, the Mirror Pond near the main entrance, is a 3-centimeter-deep shallowpond along the Metasequoia Forest with a mirror-like view of the surroundingscenery.


Seoul Forest recommended facilities: Family Yard, Mirror Lake, Deer Corral, Insect Garden



  273, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


Operating Hours

 Eco-forest Park 05:30 – 21:30

 Insect Garden 10:00 – 17:00 (Last admission 16:30)

  Butterfly Garden 10:00 – 17:00 (Last admission 16:30)

  Insect Garden, Butterfly Garden Closed Mondays

  ※ Butterfly Garden Operating from May to October


 #FamilyOuting #ChildrenFriendly #SeoulPark #UrbanEcoPark# WetlandEcoCenter #DeerCorral 

                                                                                              View information on amenities



First photo: View of SEAONE with the lights on  Second photo: SEAONE’s Miyeokguk served in an earthen bowl  Third photo: Pohang Mulhoe, SEAONE’S signature menu  Fourth photo: The main menu served with the neatly arranged side dishes

One of the benefitsof being in Seoul is that you can discover the entity of Korean cuisine fromroyal cuisine to local dishes. To finish our journey, it’s time to head to SEAONE ,a famous Pohang (a harbor city in Southern Korea) restaurant nearby. SEAONE specializedin Cold Raw Fish Soup Mulhoe , a local delicacy of Pohang city. The typeof fish, including flatfish and yellowtail, may vary by season to offer thefreshest meal. Other menus, such as Daegu Tang (Cod Soup), Hoe Deopbap (RawFish Bibimbap), Miyeokguk (Seaweed Soup), and more, are made with freshingredients to captivate the taste bud of seafood lovers.



  7, Sangwon 10-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

For Inquiries

 (+82) 2-6082-0525

Operating Hours

 11:00~22:00 (Break time 13:00 – 17:00 / Last order 14:15, 21:15 )

  Closed Saturdays

Menu Information

 SEAONE Mulhoe 15,000 won / SEAONE Miyeokguk 10,000 won / SEAONE                                Hoe Deopbap 15,000 won / SEAONE Daegu Tang 15,000 won

 # MustGoSeoul MulhoeRestaurant #MustGo Seongsudong MulhoeRestaurant #MsutGoDaeguTangRestaurant #MustGo TtukseomStationRestaurant #SeoulPohangFoodSpeciality


Did you enjoy your solid48-hour trip to Seoul? Hope it was a time to immerse in the various charms ofSeoul, a barrier-free tourist city, through the museum where Korea'srepresentative relics are collected, the Hangang River, a representativetourist attraction in Seoul, and the forest that serves as a shelter in thecity.