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The joy of traveling together,seoul danurim Tour
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Seoul Universal Tourism Scheme

Danurim Accessible Tourism City Seoul

It is a Seoul’s new promise to create a tourist city that everyone can enjoy by creating a accessible tourism environment to all citizens of Seoul as well as anyone visiting Seoul

Vision map
Implementation goal

Promote citizens' happiness by creating a city to which everyone can travel without difficulty

Implementation strategies
Improvement of physical
Provision of tourist
information and contents
Improvement of social
Implementation tasks
  • 1. Support for improvement of rampibility to tourist convenience facilities

    Provide support for the cost of improving convenience facilities for tourism vulnerable groups, such as restaurants, accommodations, and shopping stores

  • 2. Universal tourism facility certification system

    Support the certification, monitoring, and promotion of new facilities available for tourism vulnerable groups

  • 3. Operation of Danurim ramp Tourism Buses equipped with a lift

    Operate large buses with a wheelchair lift- Introduce minibuses equipped with a wheelchair lift (2nd half of 2020)

  • 4. Rental of aids for traveling
  • 5. Operation of  Seoul Danurim rampible Tourism Center

    Provide consultation for barrier-free tourism, operation of information kiosks and lockers

  • 6. Operation of online channel for rampible tourism

    Operate an official website and social media channels to provide information onf barrier-free tourism

    Develop English tourism information web page (to be completed in 2021)

  • 7. Production of Danurim rampible Tourism content

    Organize Danurim rampible Tourism Supporter groups

    Produce and distribute Danurim rampible Tourism Guidebook (to be published in English in 2021)

  • 8. Education to improve awareness of tourism workers

    Develop and distribute service manuals for tourism workers

  • 9. Nurturing of professionals to promote barrier-free tourism

    Support the fostering of professional human resources to improve the convenience of tourism vulnerable groups

  • 10. Organization of a public-private council

    Organize and operate a public-private council to lay the foundation for activating barrier-free tourism

Implementation plan
Service operation using inter
nal and external capabilities
Strengthening of services
through external cooperation
Establishment of public-
private cooperation system