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Our Mission

Seoul for You, Seoul for All Accessible tourism ensures that everyone has equal access
regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities.

A photo of the family, including two wheelchairs, on a minivan Danurim tour bus

The Seoul Tourism Organization opened the Seoul
Danurim Accessible Tourism Center in 2019,
introducing several services, including wheelchair
accessible vehicles and a travel website, so
that everyone can enjoy their stay in Seoul.

Seoul Tourism Organization logo DANURIM logo

Our Mission

Promoting increased contentment among all residents and travelers with travel accessibility in Seoul

Strategies & Plans

Improving the Physical Environment
1. Operating Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • - Free airport pickup service
    (Incheon Int’l Airport → Seoul)
2. Offering Travel Assistive Devices for Rent
  • - Providing nine types of travel assistive
  • - Offering on-site rental at rental stations
    and delivery services
3. Establishing Excellent Universal Tourism Facilities
  • - Surveying accessibility and amenities at
    Seoul attractions
  • - Selecting and promoting outstanding
    universal tourism facilities
Enhancing Access to Information
4. Operating Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center
  • - Providing accessible tourism counseling
    and support
  • - Offering information search stations and
5. Managing the Seoul Danurim Tourism Website
  • - Providing real-time reservation services
    for vehicle and travel assistive devices
  • - Supplying information about
    accessibility to Seoul attractions
6. Creating Universal Tourism Content
  • - Managing official social media channels
  • - Producing Danurim guidebooks
Raising Social Awareness
7. Training Universal Tourism Specialists
  • - Training video describers for the visually
  • - Training assistance guides for travelers
    with physical impairments
8. Increasing Awareness of Tourists with Disabilities
  • - Publishing service manuals for
    tourism workers
  • - Operating events and campaigns for
    Seoul residents
Provision of service
using both
internal and external
Bolstering of service
all channels of cooperation
Promoting public-
private cooperation

to raise awareness of
universal tourism