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“Read the FAQ for quick and easy answers.”

Here are some frequently asked questions and answer about Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism for your reference.

[Danurim Minivan]
What type of vehicle is Seoul Danurim Minivan and how many passengers does it accommodate?

Seoul Danurim Minivan is a 9-seater minivan equipped with a wheelchair lift. Please check the link below for more details.


[Danurim Minivan]
What services are available?
[Danurim Minivan]
Who can use the service?
[Danurim Minivan]
Can I rent a vehicle without a driver?
[Danurim Minivan]
Can the driver speak any other language?
[Danurim Minivan]
Where do we get picked up at the airport?
[Danurim Minivan]
Can I use the airport pickup service for early morning or late night arrivals?
[Danurim Minivan]
How much do I get charged for using the airport pickup service?
[Danurim Minivan]
Can I get a ride from the airport to a hotel in the outskirts of Seoul?
[Danurim Minivan]
Can I use the service from my hotel to the airport after my trip?