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Tips for the wheelchair accessible travel in Seoul

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             Three merged photo Top: A woman's hand reading Korean braille  Bottom left: Passengers sitting in wheelchair accessible bus Bottom right: A man getting off from a wheelchair ramp equipped minivan

According to the Global Destinations Cities Index published by Mastercard, Seoul was one of the 20 most visited cities in the world prior to the pandemic, and there are a couple of reasons that make Seoul such an attractive tourist destination.


First of all, Seoul is a nature-friendly city where you have easy access to outdoor activities, despite it being one of thebiggest metropolises in the world. Moreover, you can literally witness traces of history that span across the last several hundred years within a single glance, especially in the Jongno District. Seoul also offers a dynamic nightlife while ensuring that you can travel around safely during the night hours. K-pop, K-drama, mukbangs, and other hallyu contents continue to garner interest and fandom around the world from, drawing younger generations to Seoul.


Beyond the reasons described above, there is yet another important reason, perhaps lesser known, as to why you should consider Seoul as your next travel destination. If you or others you travel with are in need of accessible facilities, now is as good a moment as ever to plan your trip to Seoul. Since 2018, Seoul has worked on improving the infrastructure of the tourism environment so that everyone, be it those with disabilities, the elderly, expectant mothers, as well as children, can enjoy their time traveling. Being in charge of the Accessible Tourism Plan here at the Seoul Tourism Organization we constantly strive to ensure increased wheelchair accessibility in Seoul. So far, we have successfully introduced wheelchair accessible vehicles for tourists, founded the accessible tourism center and the website, and more. Let’s first take a look at how Seoul has become wheelchair accessible travel destination.


Part 1. Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center

        Two merged photos Left: Main entrance of Seoul Danurim Center Right: Interior view of the center

We opened the door of Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center on April 30th   2019, marking it as the first barrier-free tourist information center in Korea. At the center, you can get travel information at the accessible computer station, equipped wi th various assistive aids. You can also reserve a wheelchair accessible vehicle for airport pickup or even rent travel assistive devices like a wheelchair, portable ramp, and more.


Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center, Address, Hours, Languages, Website, Email


117, Changgyeo   nggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Weekdays 9 am 6 pm

(Closed weekends & statutory holidays)


Korean, English




Part 2. Transportation Guide in Seoul for Wheelchair Users

Seoul's Public transportation system has a solid reputation for its punctuality, reasonable fares, air-conditioning and heating systems, to name a few. For people in wheelchair, subway use is often recommended as it’s fully accessible and provides easy transfer to other lines, not to mention the free access to Wi-Fi. Below, we would like to suggest two useful subway applications to help you travel Seoul more efficiently with wheelchair. With these apps, you will be able to find the fastest route for wheelchair users while getting information on station amenities.


Editor’s Tip

Editor’s Tip

Please be aware that Seoul buses on certain lines are not equipped with wheelchair ramps.


Useful SubwayApplications

                  Instructions on KakaoMap First step: Download and run the KakaoMap app Second step: Tap the subway station and scroll the station information. You can find out Facilities for Disabled menu and Routes for Disabled menu. Third step: If you tap Routes for Disabled menu, you can find out Exit info and Trasit Info in Korean

1. Kakao Map: By clicking each subway station on the map, you can find accessibility information under the Facilities for Disabled category. If your phone's language setting is English, most of the app's features are automatically translated into English.


2. Ttota Subway : Operated by Seoul Metro, Ttota Subway offers more accurate accessibility information for wheelchair users as it reflects the real-time operating information of the elevators. As of October 2022, it is only available in Korean but is expected to launch an English service by the end of 2022.



TransportationTo & From the Airport 

       Merged two photos Left: An old woman in wheelchair getting off from a minivan through a wheelchair ramp Right: Two passengers, including one wheelchair user, sitting in a wheelchair accessible minivan

For those who are looking for a private transportation that is wheelchair accessible, the Danurium Minivan and the Call Taxi for theDisabled are the best options.  Seoul Tourism Organization is planning  to launch the airport pickup service for international tourists in November 2022. If you make a reservation online in advance on the Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism website, Danurim Minivan will pick you up at a designated time. The fare is free, and the operating hours are from 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT +9).

The Call Taxi for the Disabled  is a public service for those who are in wheelchair. It is available for transportation within Seoul or for return to the airport. The base fare is inexpensive at KRW 1,500, however, there maybe a waiting time of up to 90 minutes. The taxi is typically deployed within 20-30minutes upon request.


TransportationTo & From the Airport, Operator, Route, Reservation, Requirement

Danurim Minivan

Call Taxi for the Disabled


Seoul Tourism Organization

Seoul Facilities Corporation


Incheon Int'l Airport to Seoul

Seoul to Incheon Int'l Airport


Online reservation at least fourteen days in advance

Real time dispatch upon request at



Proof of travelers insurance

Passport + Return flight ticket


Editor’s Tip

Editor’s Tip

The Call Taxi for the Disabled is serviced in Korean. To read the terms of use on the website in your language, please use the Chrome translation function. To call a taxi on site, you can ask for assistance at your hotel or a tourist information center nearby.


Click here to visit the official website


Part 3. Wheelchair AccessibleTourist Attractions & Accommodations

From blogs and YouTube videos to online forums, travel magazines, and more, the Internet has endless resources to help plan your travel itinerary, but for those requiring accessibility information, it might not be that easy. Plan your trip with Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Website where you can find the most recent travel information geared toward those with disabilities. You can find more than 100 tourist attractions and hotels with accessibility information in detail.

Accessibility information is offered in two parts: pictograms and photos. Firstly, the three colors of the pictograms indicate accessibility levels for people in a manual wheelchair. A blue circle indicates easy access for everyone, a green triangle indicates a slight inconvenience depending on the range of disability, and a red cross indicates a lack of accessibility. Secondly, photos allow you to check if the space is wide enough and structurally well designed to maneuver your wheelchair. You’ll be able to readily find satisfactory, accessible locations as you can search by district, type of attraction, and/or the required facilities.


Editor’s Tip

Editor’s Tip

Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Guidebook introduces recommended paths for wheelchair users of 60 major tourist attractions in Seoul. This guidebook is especially helpful when visiting outdoor locations. Please note that there may be differences from the current conditions as the guidebook was published in 2020.


Click here to download the guidebook


Must-visit Tourist Attraction in Seoul

Must-visit Tourist Attraction in Seoul

The four major palaces of the Joseon Dynasty are essential stops during your Seoul visit and have become more inclusive after the announcement to improve infrastructural accessibility in 2020. Here’s a brief introduction on each palace.


Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most symbolic palace as this was the first and the main palace of the early Joseon Dynasty. Geunjeongjeon Hall, the main building of the palace grounds, and Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, the two-story banquet hall in the middle of the pond, are the two principal attractions.

Changgyeonggung Palace is the only palace equipped with a wheelchair lift. Taking the wheelchair lift, you can get close and see the inside of Tongmyeongjeon Hall, the bedroom of queen.

Changdeokgung Palace is where you can enjoy the beauty of a traditional Korean garden. The harmonious balance with the natural surroundings gives you the feeling of walking in a forest.

Deoksugung Palace is smaller than other palaces but provides a unique experience due to it being situated a mid towering contemporary structures. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art located in the palace is recommended to visit as well.



Finding the right accommodation is an essential part of planning trips, especially if you are wheelchair user. On the Seoul Danurim website, you can find wheelchair friendly hotels, featuring photos of accessible guest rooms. All of the accommodations on the website are certified as Universal Tourism Facilities by the Seoul Tourism Organization, guaranteeing the wheelchair accessibility.  


Editor’s Tip

Editor’s Tip

If your hotel is not prepared with some of the aids you need, free equipment rental is available from the Seoul Danurim Assistive Device Rental Center. For more information, please refer to Travel Assistive Devices Rental Services section of this article.


Part 4. Travel Assistive Devices Rental Services

Merged three photos Top: A guy entering to a restaurant using a portable ramp Bottom left: portable ramp Bottom right: shower wheelchair

If you’re looking for wheelchair rental in Seoul, the Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center has rental available for free. In addition to wheelchairs, various items are available for tourists requiring assistance.You can rent the items up to 15 days with free delivery provided for those in Seoul. Below are a couple of occasions that these rental items can be useful in particular.


For Downtown Areas& Cultural Heritage Sites

Like many other cities, downtown Seoul, especially the older areas, as well as cultural heritage sites, may be vulnerable from an accessibility view point despite of being worth visiting. A portable ramp will significantly widen your dining options in this case. Try restaurants and cafes that are popular with young local people in Insa-dong and Seochon village. Many places renovated from olde rbuildings add to your experience with a modern touch. The portable ramp will allow entry into many of these places and is easy to carry while being light weight. In fact, you can even hang it on your wheelchair.

For Accommodations

Considering your travel itinerary, the accessible hotel room in the best location might not be perfectly adapted to your physical condition. Assistive devices, such as shower chairs, shower wheelchairs, and a mobility hoist, may help you to expand your range of choice for accommodations.


For Downtown Areas& Cultural Heritage Sites, Category, Items, Deposit (KRW),Wheelchair ,Portable ramps,Others



Deposit (KRW)


Manual wheelchair


Shower wheelchair


Portable ramps

46 cm (≒18.1 in)


73 cm ( 28.5 in)


125 cm ( 49 in)


165 cm ( 65 in)



Mobility hoist


Shower chair




The maximum amount of the deposit is 500,000 KRW  regardless of the quantity of rental items.

The deposit will be fully refunded when returned without fault.


Discover Accessible Travel in Korea with Open Tourism Website

Discover Accessible Travel in Korea with Open Tourism Website


If you are planning to travel outside of Seoul, visit the Open Tourism Website operated by the Korea Tourism Organization by clicking here ! The Open Tourism Website offers accessibility information that pertains to the entirety of South Korea by region and the type of facilities needed.

For example, you can find a wheelchair accessible hotel in Busan, or a tourist attraction with a nursing room in Jeju Island.


Using Chrome translation function to read the content in your desired language.