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Suggested Itineraries

[STO X momsmap] Cultural complex and arts district, Insadong outing

Course Explanation

Cultural complex and arts district, Insadong outing with momsmap 1. Anyoung Insadong 2-minute walk(143m) 2.Ssamzie-gil


Cultural complex and arts district, Insadong outing

Anyoung Insadong (Insa Central Museum) – Ssamzie-gil 


The Anyoung Insadong became a rising attraction inInsa-dong as soon as it opened, and is a kid-friendly space for Korean art and traditionalculture with many accessible restaurants with infant high-chairs, charmingshops, and dessert cafes. The highlight of this space is the Insa CentralMuseum located in the basement. You can experience various exhibitions held in theAnyoung Insadong with children of all ages but we recommend that you check theexhibition schedule on the website in advance!

Ssamzie-gil, a well-established and representativeattraction in Insa-dong, is located right across from Anyoung Inasadong, and showcasesvarious craft workshops for leather, bead work, and glassware. Each workshophas hands-on programs for kids as well! How about participating in craftingprogram to show off your skills and make memories with your children?

1. Anyoung Insadong

Anyoung Insadong


 Entrance Fee



 49, Insadong-gil, Jonro-gu, Seoul


 +82 2)6954-2910

  Operating hours

  10:00 ~ 22:00 


  Reservation for vehicleson the website is recommended

1) Main entrance of the Anyong Insadong, 2) Children’s Hanbok displayed inside the Insadong

1) Interior view of a shop with various accessories, 2) Interior view of a library full of books

Helpful tips and highlights !

  Infant nursing rooms are located on the 3 rd floor of theAnyoung Insadong.

  Restaurants in the Anyoung Insadong have infant high-chairs.

  Reservations for carparking are recommended.

  You can also visit Ssamzie-gil.

For families with children

Location    3F, Anyoung Insadong

Facilities     Infant changing station,Infant nursing room, Infant washing stand, Microwave

1) Interior view of a nursing room of Anyong Insadong, 2) Interior view of a nursing room equipped with a microwave

  #ComplexCulturalSpace, #EntertainmentInsadong,#ExhibitionInsadong, #FamilyTrip


  •   Address: 49, Insadong-gil,Jonro-gu, Seoul
  •   Telephone no.: +82 2)6954-2910

2. Insa Central Museum     

Insa Central Museum


Entrance Fee

 Varies by exhibition


  B1F, Anyoung Insadong,49, Insadong-gil, Jonro-gu, Seoul


 +82 2)325-1077

Operating Hours

-   10:00~20:00 


  Reservation for vehicle onthe website is recommended

1) Exterior view of the Anyong Insadong from a distance, 2) Main entrance of the gallery inside the Anyong Insadong

The above image maynot represent the current exhibition scheduled.

Helpful tips and highlights!

♥  For further informationon the exhibition schedule, please check the website.

  Infant nursing rooms arelocated on the 3 rd foor of the Anyoung Insadong.

  Restaurants in theAnyoung Insadong have infant high-chairs.

  #InsadongExhibition, #KidsExperience


  •   Address: B1F, Anyeong Insadong, 49, Insadong-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

  •   Telephone number: +82 2) 325-1077

3. SSamzie-gil



 Entrance Fee

  Varies by programs


  44, Insadong-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul


  +82 2) 736-0088

Operating hours

  매일  10:30 - 20:30

※  Closed on lunar new year’s day and Chuseok


 - Parking lot in West Insa Square



1) Interior view of experience workshops inside the Ssamzie-gil, 2) Close-up of experience workshops

Helpful tips and highlights !

  We recommend you check the website for the schedule beforevisiting.

  There is no nursing room on Ssamzie-gil, so please use the room inthe Anyoung Insadong.

  #CraftingExperience #KidsExperience #MemorywithKids


  •   Address: Ssamzie-gil, 44 Insadong-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

  •   Telephone number: +82 2) 736-0088