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[News] The first impression maker of "Seoul" [Asia Journal]
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Few countries in the world have four distinct seasons. South Korea is one of the few countries with distinct four seasons. The Netherlands of Europe is famous for its wonderful flowers scenery, but the sight of spring in Korea is also spectacular. In summer, you can enjoy the cool sea because of the sunlight which is very hot, fall leaves and cool weather make the sunset more enraptured than usual, and finally make another warm memory in the cold in winter. In particular, many people want to experience Seoul, which has natural scenery and cultural heritage such as Gyeongbokgung Palace. In this way, the Republic of Korea gives us a different experience at every moment. I think that’s why many tourists come to Korea and Seoul.

Various large and small cities in the Republic of Korea have their own tourist Organization. However, the Seoul Tourism Organization is the most active and largest among them. The reason is that tourists visit Seoul the most. Jeju Island is also a representative tourist destination of the Republic of Korea, but  more than Seoul because it is the capital of the Republic of Korea. The meaning of a country’s capital is great. I think that’s why they want to know the charm of Seoul first than other regions.

The Seoul Tourism Organization provides tips, information, and various benefits related to Seoul. The Seoul Tourism Organization serves as the largest official tour guide to Seoul. To convey a lot of information to people who want to heal themselves from abroad or other places, or to make memories they want to remember.

The Seoul Tourism Organization is promoting the Seoul Danurim Tourism. 

The word “danurim” means “enjoy everything” in Seoul’s tourism business, and it is a Korean word that means to enjoy sightseeing in every part of Seoul. Seoul Danurim Tourism is a project to create Seoul, a tourist city that is accessible not only to Seoul citizens but also to anyone who visits Seoul. Seoul Danurim Tourism officially opened in April 2019 as Seoul’s first one-stop tourism center for the weak people. It has been conducting various projects to improve the physical environment, strengthen information accessibility, and improve social awareness so far. It is operating projects to improve the physical environment so that not only the disabled but also the elderly, infants, and pregnant women can travel, provide tourism information through the operation of information centers and websites, and improve social awareness of barrier-free tourism.

Accordingly, Seoul Danurim Tourism is making reservations for wheelchair Lifts Seoul Danurim Bus and minivan. There are seven cars, one Seoul Danurim bus with eight wheelchair seats and 21 general seats, three minivans with two wheelchair seats and seven general seats, and three minivans with four wheelchair seats and four general seats. There are wheelchair seats in all vehicles, and there are seats for the elderly and the disabled. Therefore, people who cannot enjoy sightseeing can enjoy sightseeing together. All vehicles are equipped with safety devices such as wheelchair fixing devices and child seats, and safety is guaranteed. In particular, a child seat for infants can be attached to the minivan. In addition, you can rent strollers, wheelchairs, and portable ramps for free of charge if you reserve a separate rental service for travel aids.

This wheelchair lift Seoul Danurim bus and minivan reservation system have the advantage of being optimized for convenient travel unlike call taxis and public transportation for the disabled. In addition, if you have any travel destinations you want to visit, you can reserve a “free trip” course supported by the personal driver and use the Seoul Danurim bus and minivan as convenient as your car if you pay only the actual cost of playing, gas, and parking.

Seoul Danurim also shares various information such as various food, cultural experiences, and exhibitions that you can enjoy in Seoul on the blog of Seoul Danurim. For example, in April of this month, we introduced famous cherry blossom spots where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The “Seoul Forest Course” and “Bulram Mountain Butterfly Garden Course,” which are the spring flower outing courses on the Danurim Tour, will give you a chance to enjoy Seoul’s spring to the fullest. It also introduces Seoul’s history, such as the cultural stockpile base, which has been used differently depending on the times, from oil tanks to cultural tanks. As such, you can see from the representative cultural heritage and places of Seoul to spaces with cultural values that are not well known 

Not only that. The Seoul Tourism Orgainzation will introduce representative Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Gyeonghui Palace as representative cherry blossom spots in Seoul through, an official tourist information site. In addition, the hidden cherry blossom attractions recommended by N-year foreigners living in Seoul. And they introduced from a foreigner’s perspective, so you can get more reliable information as a closer tourist.

Various experience events can be found through ONEMORETRIP, the Seoul’s Official Local Tour and Experience Guide published by the Seoul Tourism Organization. You can get information about various events that can make special memories such as making tea coasters, couple ring DIY class, making therapy perfume, and making neon signs.

The Seoul Tourism Organization’s website also provides information on festivals held in downtown Seoul, such as the  Seoul Lantern Festival held near Cheonggyecheon Street, which began from November 2009. The festival features various sculptures of light, mainly traditional Korean paper, and offers various kinds of fun such as experience programs, busking, and opening ceremonies. Visitors can get information on unique events of Seoul, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Cheonggyecheon Street as well as the traditional Korean traditional Korean paper produced by craftsmen.

All of these benefits are available at a discounted price at the Seoul Tourism Organization via Discover Seoul Pass, and visitors can enter historic sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace for free. Discover Seoul Pass is also offered as a transportation card, T-money, and can be used for buses, subways, and bicycles in Seoul ,ttareungi, excluding airport trains (AREX) temporarily. Discover Seoul Pass can be picked up by card at Incheon Airport or Gimpo Airport, but it can also be used conveniently on mobile apps.

With the advent of smartphones, Internet access has become smooth, and people around the world are using SNS more than before. Unlike in the past, methods of collecting information are becoming more diverse, and the percentage of the Internet is the largest proportion. As SNS became more active, people can access to various information, and among them, K-culture such as K-pop, K-beauty, and K-content in Korea is also attracting the attention of many people.

In fact, nine out of every 10 foreigners say they want to come to Seoul if they want to travel abroad. The reason is that they want to shop, hotel vacation which is called “Hocance”, and luxury tours, including “Landmark,” a local hot place provided by the Seoul Tourism Organization, and historical attractions.

The Seoul Tourism Organization provides not only information but also benefits of the needs of these tourists. In addition, it provides more convenient sightseeing for the physically challenged elderly, infants, pregnant women and the disabled. It’s really meaningful to provide a memorable memory for the rest of their life.

As they have a strong preference for Korea, I think it is important to provide information and benefits for tourists traveling to Seoul to meet various needs with a large spectrum. It would be even better if we could efficiently improve the quality of information and benefits by providing information and benefits in categories well fit to the differences in travel styles pursued by the MZ generation, who are sensitive to the latest trends, and the older generation and their parents.

Through the Seoul Tourism Organization, I am very happy to introduce and promote Seoul, which has the charm of each season, to foreigners interested in Korea and people from other regions. Just as first impressions are important to everyone, I hope that Seoul’s appearance through the Seoul Tourism Organization will remain a good first impression for all Seoul tourists.

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