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[News] Seoul Moves Forward with Sweeping Barriers off the Way [Travel and Tour World]
Poster name: 서울다누림 Last Post: 2022.05.04
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Seoul Tourism Organization won the grand prize at the first Seoul Universal Design Awards for its barrier-free environment creation project in December 2021. The organization has been promoting the ‘Universal Tourism Environment Creation Project’ since 2019 to improve the physical environment, strengthen access to information, and improve social awareness, so anyone, including the disabled and the elderly, can travel the city conveniently. Seoul Danurim Accessible Tourism Center, which opened in 2019 as part of the project, offers essential services including the operation of wheelchair accessible vehicles and travel assistive device rentals, and provision of accessibility information through the website.

Seoul Danurim Minivans equipped with wheelchair ramps are available for reservation which will give tourists easy access to various tourist attractions across Seoul. Business travelers visiting Seoul for a MICE event can make a reservation for “recommended tours” in advance to use the vehicle at no cost and just enjoy a day trip throughout the city by visiting recommended barrier-free tourist spots. Or they can rent the minivans at a reasonable price which only includes operational cost such as fuel, parking and tolls for the trips they designed to fit the preference. The capacity of the vehicle is up to 10 passengers including 2 to 4 wheelchair users, but it may vary depending on the vehicle type.

The travel assistive device rental services to offer 23 equipment including wheelchairs, portable ramps and wheelchair lifts are also available and be delivered with a door-to-door delivery service for more convenient travel experience. As Seoul is known for a city to experience traditional beauty juxtapose beside modernity, portable wheelchair ramps are in the highest demand as they can help travelers with mobility difficulties to discover the city without physical limits, especially in old downtown where wheelchair accessibility is a rarity.

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