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Shilla Stay Guro

Shilla Stay Guro0 : A panoramic view of the hotel with the sky reflected on the exterior glass wall
Shilla Stay Guro1 : The hotel main entrance with both an automatic and a hinged door
Shilla Stay Guro2 : A neat and modern guestroom

Basic Information


Shilla Stay Guro, opened in 2016, is in Guro, an emerging district of IT ventures and digital technology industry. It is right in front of the Guro Digital Complex subway station and is near fashion outlets, making it convenient for sightseeing and shopping. All guestrooms are non-smoking rooms, and there are various facilities such as meeting rooms, business corners, and fitness centers. On the second floor, there is a buffet restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, and a lounge bar where guests can enjoy fresh menus paired with wine.


The entryway and main entrance are wide and flat with no steps or slopes, so it is convenient for wheelchair users to enter and exit. There are tactile pavings for persons with visual impairments. Also, there is a wheelchair accessible elevator in the building. 

Accessible Guest Room

The doorway to the guestroom is wide and there are tactile pavings for persons with visual impairments. The bathroom in the guestroom is spacious and there is a wall-mounted shower chair. There is an emergency bell in the bathroom.

Public Transportation

596, Siheung-daero, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (Shilla Stay Harrington Tower, Sindaebang-dong)
The hotel is near exit 6 of subway line 2 Guro Digital Complex station