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Grand Walkerhill Seoul

Grand Walkerhill Seoul0 : Exterior of Grand WalkerhIll Seoul
Grand Walkerhill Seoul1 : Interior of the accessible guest room
Grand Walkerhill Seoul2 : The doorway of the accessible guest room
Basic Information


Surrounded by Han River and Achasan Hill, Grand Walkerhill Seoul is a high-end hotel located in a city center, where customers can enjoy relaxing time, banquets, and entertainment in one place. There are 557 rooms and aside from that they have bakery shops, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. In Villa and Eston House, the independent guest rooms from the main building, customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Han river. There are also various activities and facilities ready, especially swimming pool with a background view of the Han River, camping zones, and kid’s club for the children.



The entryway to the establishment is flat and has no incline or obstacles. It also has emergency lights, *tactile paving and signage with Korean braille descriptions.

Accessible Guest Room

The doorway into the guestroom is even and wide. The guestroom and the bathroom are spacious enough to allow a wheelchair to turn and rotate. The beds have a suitable height for the wheelchair users, but clothes hanger is high up. The bathroom is equipped with an emergency call button and a wall mounted shower chair. 

Seoul wheelchair accessible hotel
gwangjingu hotel
Gwangjin-gu hotel
Public Transportation
서울 광진구 워커힐로 177 (광장동, 워커힐호텔)
920m form exit 2 of Gwangnaru station on Line 5