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Seoul attractions

Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)

Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)0 : Signboard and stone chairs outside the museum
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)1 : Columnar building in the form of stacked circular lines
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)2 : Textile handicrafts on display in a row of glass boxes
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)3 : A well-lit relaxing space with several large donut-shaped rattan chairs
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)4 : Ceramics of different sizes displayed on a shelf
Basic Information


The Seoul Museum of Craft Art, which was opened in Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu in 2021, is the first public craft museum in Korea built by remodeling five buildings of Pungmoon Girls' High School. It is a symbolic site in the craft field, as it is located in Jongno-gu, where Gyeonggongjang, the craftsmen in the Joseon Dynasty, used to live together. The Seoul Craft Museum, which consists of seven buildings and craft yards, including a Hanok, Korean traditional building, allows to experience various exhibitions and to take a rest while enjoying the peaceful view outside.

Also, the site was historically considered as a propitious site. In early Josen Dynasty in 15th century, it was the home of Prince Yeongung, the son of Sejong the Great in early Josen Dynasty, and the site where Sejong the Great passed away. In late Joseon Dynasty, King Gojong, the last king of the Joseon Dynasty, built the Andong royal villa for the ritual ceremony of his son Sunjong.


The Seoul Craft Museum exhibits more than 20,000 artifacts and craft materials from various eras and fields. It presents various exhibitions, programs, materials, and systems such as craft history exhibition, modern craft exhibition, local craft exhibition, children's craft exhibition, craft archive, craft library, craft resource management system, and craft installation project. Various permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions allow to get to know  the beauty and value of craft art. As of Augest 2022, six exhibitions are being held, including four history exhibitions and two textile craft art exhibitions. There is a children's museum in the education building where various workshop programs are held for children.


The entryway is wide and gently inclined, and there is tactile paving for the visually impaired. The main entrances of the buildings are broad and has no inclines and steps, and there is tactile paving for the visually impaired so anyone, including wheelchair users, can enter and exit conveniently. In the Information building, the Exhibition building 3 and the Education building, there is an information desk where visitors can rent guide devices. In the Information building and the Exhibitions building 3, Craft Eye, smart device interworked with Bluetooth and GPS, is available. The audio guide devices for the persons with visual impairment can be rented in the Exhibition building 3. In addition, Korean braille signboards and tactile models are available in several exhibition halls. There are an elevator in each exhibition hall and an accessible restroom for persons with disabilities on each floor. There are two parking facilities for persons with disabilities at the back of the museum. The museum is generally flat, but the ramp connecting Exhibition Building 1 to Building 3 is rather steep, so caution is required for wheelchair users. On the first floor of Exhibition Building 3 and on the fourth floor of the Education building, there is a nursing room and a diaper changing station.

Public Transportation
4, Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Seoul Museum of Craft Art, Anguk-dong)
Exit 1 of subway line 3 Anguk Station