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Seoul Destination

Seoul Botanic Park

Seoul Botanic Park0 : 서울식물원 실내 풍경입니다.
Seoul Botanic Park1 : Entrance of Seoul Botanic Park
Seoul Botanic Park2 : Interior view of Seoul Botanic Park where wheelchair users can enjoy
Seoul Botanic Park3 : Sky Walk of Seoul Botanic Park by which visitors can go other buildings
Seoul Botanic Park4 : Interior view of Seoul Botanic Park which is sunny and plants stand close to each other
Seoul Botanic Park5 : Interior view of Seoul Botanic Park where boasts a good landscaping
Seoul Botanic Park6 : Signboard and a character sculpture in Seoul Botanic Park
Seoul Botanic Park7 : Walkway inside Seoul Botanic Park
Seoul Botanic Park8 : An indoor entrance grandly decorated with plants

Basic Information


The Seoul Botanical Garden, established in Magok,Seoul, showcases plants from 12 cities around the world, and combines abotanical garden and an accessible park. The Seoul Botanic Garden boasts greenspace the size of 70 soccer fields, for the creation and preservation ofhabitats for endangered wild plants, and helps to nurture biodiversity throughresearch on the proliferation of difficult-to-reproduce species, and thedevelopment of genetic varieties.



The Seoul Botanical Garden consists of an openforest, a theme garden, a lake garden, and a wetland garden. In particular,visitors can see the water falls, the huge rubber tree and Indian linden withinthis unique space made up of exotic plants from all over the world. A number ofdifferent plants can be seen on the skywalk where Victoria water lilies float.The Botanical Culture Center, the outdoor theme garden, and the Magok CulturalCenter offer a rich range of new experiences.



The entryway and main entrancehave no obstacle or inclines and are wide. Tactile paving has been utilizedprominently.  The information desk isaccessible for wheelchair users and a braille guide board is displayed. Theelevator is accessible and has braille description on each button. The restroomis accessible and has braille description and an emergency call button. Accessibleparking lots are available. The pathways inside the park are made of woodendecks. The diaper changing station is available in the restroom and the infantnursing room is in the 1F of theme park and the visitor center. 

Public Transportation

161, Magokdong-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (Seoul Botanic Park, Magok-dong)
5 min-walk from exit no. 3 of Magoknaru station (line 9, Airport railroad)