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The joy of traveling together,seoul danurim Tour
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Seoul Danurim Bus (Recommended Tour)

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Seoul Danurim Bus (Recommended Tour) Operation

It consists of the Seoul Danurim Bus specification, Beneficiaries, Tour Itineraries, Operating frequency, Period of Operation, Number of Seats Available for Booking, Fare, Reservation period, User compliance.

Danurim Bus specification

8 wheelchair seats / 21 regular seats (29 seats in total)


Those affected by tourism barriers (e.g. PWDs, senior citizens, infants)

Tour Itineraries

Loops around major tourist spots in Seoul (varies by month)

  • - Check the notice
Operating frequency

Once a day

Period of Operation
  • - Weeks 2 and 4 every month
  • - 10am - 5pm, 5 days a week (Tue-Sat)

※ Closed on: Mondays and public holidays

Number of Seats Available for Booking

Up to 4 seats per person

※ May board with up to 3 people per person affected by tourism barriers


Free / Support for travel insurance subscription

※ Other expenses arising from visiting tourist attractions must be paid by users (admission fees, food expenses, etc.)

Reservation period
  • - Reservation available starting from 2 months to 7 days before the scheduled tour date
User compliance

The service may be suspended according to the government and Seoul City's guidelines on natural disasters/vir us infection preveant to the prevention of natural disasters/viral infections

※ In this case, the fees borne by the user are not refunded

Request for cooperation with safety rules to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19

  • - Body temperature check when boarding a vehicle
  • - Face mask and hand sanitizer use required

※ Boarding may be restricted to those who do not abide by the rules and have a fever (higher than 37.5℃)

Electric wheelchairs and scooters with a size of under 130cm long and 76cm wide can be put on the vehicle

Cooperation in providing personal information necessary to proceed with personal traveler insurance subscripti on is requested

If any user fails to appear on the day without prior notice, there may be restrictions on his/her future use

Eating and drinking is prohibited in the vehicle, and pets other than guide dogs are not allowed in the vehicle

The total service use time may include time spent checking the passengers, getting on and off the lift, and fixing the wheelchair

Users are responsible for all problems arising from their non-compliance with the above rules